How to mine Ethereum or Ethereum Classic on a Windows

To start mining with your GPU, key in ethminer G followed by the enter key. Ethereum is quite difficult to get mining on windows - although with a bit of help and following the tutorial below you can get it up and running and start your own ethereum mining project in 15 mins. Ether is an absolute essential, as it serves as fuel for the smooth running of the Ethereum platform. This will take you into the newly installed Ethereum Mining software folder.

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Your firewall can cause issues but just click allow if it does so - the same is true of windows that doesn't recognise or approve the software - tell windows its ok when asked. In Ethereum Mining, the difficulty is adjusted dynamically so that the network produces one block in every 12 seconds on an average.

Beginner s Guide to Ethereum Mining in 2018 - How to Mine

A new command prompt should open, showing: C:usersusername This is the wrong place to look for etherminer, so you need to tell it the right place to find. The world has gone digital, from the development of smart homes to the development of innovations that promote seamless transactions.

How can I mine Ethereum with my computer?

At this point, you are synchronising with the rest of the Ethereum network. Just type in ethminer then the enter key to start the process. FAQ: If you are having issues getting your GPU to mine type ethminer -opencl-platform 1 to fix it for Nvidia. You can also mine, ethereum Classic (ETC) if you start your geth. Thanks to the synchronization of the system, it is not possible to rewrite history or maintain a fork except the individual attempting to do so has over half of the mining power in the network.

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You should now see: C: You have just used the cd command, or "change directory" command, to make the command prompt look at the C drive, not your user file. Step 4 : Command Prompt is now open - and can look terrifying to people who aren't familiar with. You are at: Home guides mining »Beginners Guide to Ethereum Mining in 2018 How to Mine Ethereum on Your PC?

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This page may be out of date. The algorithm for validation is called Esthash. Locating Geth is the next step; type in 'cd into the command prompt terminal; this is an instruction to change directory.