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The details for obtaining a wallet address vary from exchange to exchange, but it is usually relatively straightforward. Step 1: Buy Bitcoin (BTC exchange your fiat currency for Bitcoin at a top exchange. I use, coinbase because it is one of the longest running and most reputable places to buy Bitcoin.

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The details for trading currencies vary depending on the exchange. Step 4: Send Bitcoin to your new wallet address.

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There are many subtleties and best practices (such as using secure passwords, 2-factor authentication, etc.) to consider when buying digital currencies. After opening an account at one of the exchanges above, obtain your BTC wallet address. Now you have some Canada eCoin. It also has a well designed and easy-to-use interface.

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Your order may fill immediately or after a short while. Coinbase is currently available in these countries. Generally, you will look for the CDN/BTC trading pair and buy or place an order to buy CDN with your BTC balance. Step 3: Get your Bitcoin address. After you receive the BTC in your secondary exchange account (it usually takes a few minutes) you can trade it for Canada eCoin within the exchange.

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Related Links, about this guide, this is intended as a beginners 101 guide that provides a fast and easy route for acquiring Canada eCoin. Other good places to buy Bitcoin are: Step 2: Open an account with an exchange that trades Canada eCoin. The point of this guide is to simplify the discussion a bit for the general goal of purchasing CDN. Make sure to get your deposit or receiver address.

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Step 5: Trade BTC for CDN. There are plenty of sites out there that provide a wealth of information about cryptocurrency and altcoins. Here is a list of online exchanges where CDN can be bought and sold: Exchanges are listed in order of trade volume (descending).