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Click here for more. To stand out from the crowd, give people context for who you are and not just what you want. Iota's durable DLS Series Battery Chargers and Power Converters deliver clean AC/DC power conversion for fast, safe charging of batteries or for operation of DC loads. Question: How do I answer a question?

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If your project is hosted on GitHub, you can use. PhantomJS was released for the first time in the beginning of 2011.

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Have a clear handle to promote your work. Question: Where can I get support? @pazdera, Marketing for open source projects See if you can find ways to share your project in relevant ways: Get to know relevant open source projects and communities. Question: Can multiple people answer the same question? Generally speaking, focus on helping others before asking for things in return.

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Answer: Posting is free, but you pay a bounty upon answer acceptance. If your open source project is a software project, you can probably find your audience.

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Join Stack Exchange, join Reddit, join Discord, frequently asked questions. If you speak at a meetup or event, make sure that your contact information is included in your bio or slides. Be patient, and keep sharing your work with those who appreciate.

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A mistake I made in those early days was not starting a Twitter account for the project. Question: What is iota Do? Rewards, by combining an iota payment reward for each question answered, people become incentivized to help others in need. Iotaqa Demo: How it Works, every iota transaction sent to a wallet address has both a data and value component.

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@shazow, How to make your open source project thrive Its never too early, or too late, to start building your reputation. Ask a question on our Stack Exchange, start a new topic on our subreddit, or chat with fellow community members on Discord. I spread the word in the usual ways: I tweeted about it, I wrote blog posts on things you could do with it, I mentioned it during various discussions in meetups. Question: Who decides if my answer gets accepted?