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This isn't PayPal's fault, the errant recipient's, just my own negligence for not double-checking the email address that was different by just two numbers. 2, enter the transaction ID from the payment you are disputing. If the payment was made more than seven days ago, click "History" near the top of the page to display transactions from the past 30 days.

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Quickly and easily pay the babysitter, split the check, or give a gift. Reply With", 02:52 PM #6, call PayPal sooner rather than later!

Accidentally sent 250 to wrong person, payPal, community

But do I really just stop chasing it and let it go? You and the other person can exchange messages through the Resolution Center. 3 : Dispute the Claim with paypal 4 : Cancel The transaction with your Credit Card Company. Click "Continue" when done. Click the "Dispute a Transaction" button, and then select "I Have a Problem With an Item I Purchased." Click "Continue" when done.

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Even contacting them as soon as possible may better help you. Join thousands of happy customers.

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Otherwise you may have to jump through some hoops to get your money returned. File a Dispute 1, click "Resolution Center" near the top of the page to file a dispute if the recipient won't return the money.

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They click the link and enter the amountno cash, no checks, no awkwardness. 2, check the "Order Status/Actions" column for the payment. American Web Design with attitude. Paypal will forward this message to the person that received your payment, and give the other person a chance to respond. I can't stress enough, it's entirely my fault.

I accidently sent money to the wrong person via paypal

Registered in England 112955. First allow me to state the obvious: I'm an idiot. Same name, virtually same address, I sent the money (around 400) to a friend I owed. Select your recipientEnter your recipients email or mobile number from your computer or phone, and add an amount to send securely. Once you file the claim, Paypal will review any messages sent through the Resolution Center and make a decision on your claim.