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The wallet has a USB type Micro-B connector, stainless steel hardware, and is compatible with Windows, Linux, or Chrome. Light wallets will be available in Q2 - connecting to HD wallets and removing the need to download the full blockchain. However, before making any significant investment in PoSW, users should do some research on their own, as it is their money that is on the line. As the first look suggests, the USB-type wallet carries the official logo of PoSWallet, an online staking credited for the creation of PoSW tokens. We are always working with the developers from our community to invent new applications for TPoS.

Ledger Announces Custom Designed Physical Wallet for PoSW

Member, offline, activity: 73, merit: 0 also, at least for me, i see StakeNet as the devs describe it in the white paper here:  adaptable. . This is something really refreshing in terms of the methods by which ICOs are conducted. Launch of Decentralized Exchange (10 auto Updates (0 q4 Merlin.

Ledger Adds PoSW Coin to Hardware Wallet Services

We have great plans and we have achieved many milestones. To create a network of merchants that accept XSN. Additionally, the platform employs an incentive model that rewards users with a native currency called PoSW Coin. If you would like to start investing in this currency, PoSW trading pairs are currently being offered on LiveCoin, Cryptopia, and YoBit.

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Some of the key features of the PoSW platform. Future-Ready: there is a monthly treasury which collects funds to further develop and improve the coins functional protocol. Member, offline, activity: 364, merit: 250 gildinglite.

StakeNet Next generation proof of stake coin and network

XSN source code is available. Safety: the system incorporates a stealth protocol that allows network participants to remain absolutely anonymous.

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The XSN Desktop Wallets are compiled for all major platforms. The hardware will be available on an ICO market.