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Also a free radical scavenging system of beta-carotene, vitamins C and E andprovitamin. A free-radical scavenging system of beta-carotene, vitamins C and E and provitamin. Body cream 100ml, this cream contains SPF4 and maximum levels of vitamin A (retinyl palmitate C and E for daily use on hands, arms and all exposed areas of skin. Mild DAY cream 50ml, a light, non-greasy product containing a mildconcentation of Vitamin. It is fragrance and preservative free and contains medium concentrations of vitamin A, a free-radical scavenging system of beta-carotene, vitamins C and E andprovitamin.

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It is fragrance and preservative free and contains an SPF4. However I need not have been because my skin has gone from strength to strength, and I havent had any rosacea flare ups! If you are uncomfortable purchasing an equivalent product, (even though it is manufactured by the same company we suggest you use any of the other ranges of Environ such as CQuence etc.

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Avst Hydrating Lotion is the same as Environ Dermalac (found in the body range). The product cools the skin while replenishing vitamin Aand anti-oxidants lost through exposure to the sun. I know reading that must make you roll your eyes and think I am a conceited cow, but I only say it to emphasise the huge changes Ive noticed. For the longest time I didnt stick to a particular routine and would just reach for the whatever new product wed been sent at the time blessed and, predictably, became frustrated when I didnt see the results I wanted.

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Super Moisturiser and, hydrating Oil Capsules into my routine to help alleviate the effects of the colder weather. It is fragrance and preservative free and contains SPF4. I have been having monthly facials with Nina, and under her supervision and guidance, I have now upgraded to the. Colostrum Gel (soothing and hydrating serum) to mix in at night, and the.

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As I hadnt used Vitamin A before, Nina started me on the lowest dose, Debut. Vitamin A has a corrective effect on skin, smoothing and softening it and promotes the production of healty collagen and elastin. If youve been reading All Dolled Up for any length of time you will know two things: that Julia has the least reactive skin in the world and that I have the most reactive skin in the world (Ive always had a flair for the dramatics).

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So, there I was with a whole new regime and no antibiotics in sight I would be lying if I said I wasnt a little bit apprehensive. Rich DAY cream 50ml, a light non-greasy product containing medium concentrations of Vitamin. Rich night cream 50ml. The aim of this approach is to allow the skin to gradually become more comfortable with increasing dosages of Vitamin A, thereby reducing the risk of an adverse reaction.

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Environ information, eYE GEL 10ml, a mild gel specially formulated for sensitive eyelid skin. Rich in antioxidant vitamins and vitamin A, it also contains wild thyme and lupin, for their added lifting and firming benefits. It is also excellent for treating stretch marks and to soften scar tissue). The aesthetician, Nina, gave me the best facial Ive ever had, and recommended the products I would need to get started: a cream cleanser, toner, moisturiser, SPF and serum/treatment. Easy to get that last bit out!