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2.3 Reporting Requirements for Releases.3.1 Owners and Operators shall not knowingly allow any release of a regulated substance from an AST to continue. 7.1.4 The rawp shall include sufficient design information that demonstrates that the remedial technology shall meet the cleanup goals approved by the Department and shall include an estimated time to cleanup completion for the remediation method proposed in the rawp. The routine in service inspection shall include close visual inspection from the ground. 815 (04/01/17).0 Administrative Option for Remedial Action.1 Requirements for Administrative Option for Remedial Action.1.1 The Department may waive the requirement of a hydrogeologic investigation when the Owner and Operator has taken the appropriate initial response steps to eliminate imminent dangers and. "Upper Flammable Limit (UFL means the highest concentration of a flammable substance in which combustion can propagate in the presence of an oxidant.

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An inspection and maintenance plan shall be developed to periodically review the condition of the secondary containment system. "Permeability" means the ease with which fluid can move through a material and is measured by the rate of flow in suitable units.

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7.2.3 Requirements for Underground Vaults as Secondary Containment A Vault shall completely enclose the AST and shall be constructed of materials compatible with the regulated substance to be contained in the AST and shall have a minimum capacity to contain 110 of the volume. Unless otherwise provided, any such consent shall be revocable prior to its becoming effective. 815 (04/01/17).0 Inerting Requirements for Ullage Volumes of ASTs Without a Floating Roof.1 General Requirements For Inerting an AST without a Floating Roof.1.1 All ASTs without a Floating Roof installed or erected after June 11, 2004 and containing Flammable Regulated Substances. The system shall be in place, in use and operated to design specifications unless the AST has been cleaned sufficiently and purged of Flammable vapors to safely permit hot work in, on or around the AST.

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Complete Lines 9-11 OR Line. 4.1.4 New underground piping shall comply with the inspection and testing schedule in accordance with API 570 or other schedule approved by the Department. To pass the local government financial test, the Owner or Operator shall meet the criteria of part D, subsection.1.3 and part D, subsection.1.4 based on year-end financial statements for the latest completed Financial Reporting Year. If the AST is equipped with a Continuous Leak Detection monitoring system and cathodic protection of the AST and ancillary piping, a significant variation of inventory for this section shall be considered as a gain or a loss in excess of 3 of the throughput. 7.2.5 Requirements for Secondary Containment External Liners Secondary containment external liners shall be constructed and maintained to retain any Regulated Substance that leaves the primary containment including an AST and Ancillary Piping and prevent any Regulated Substance from reaching the surface water, groundwater, or adjacent.

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4.3.3 Removal or permanent closure in place or Change In Service of an AST without required notification of the Department is prohibited. 4.5.3 Registration Fee Schedule.5.4 No annual registration fee will be required if an AST is removed or permanently closed in place or undergoes a permanent change in contents from a regulated substance to a non-regulated substance prior to the February 1 deadline for payment. Advice OF counsel The Trustee may from time to time consult with counsel, who may be counsel to the Grantor, with respect to any questions arising as to the construction of this Agreement or any action to be taken hereunder.