Binded: Copyright made simple

CEO Nathan Lands is pitching this as an intermediate step between registering your work with the Library of Congress and doing nothing. As we mentioned in our original coverage of Blockai, this is not meant to be a replacement for registering your copyrights with the Copyright Office.

Blockai Rebrands as Binded, Raises 950K More for Copyright

Lands said the intention is to democratize copyright. Read next: This flying golf cart lets you play nine holes like god intended. Once you register, youll receive a copyright certificate with a permanent timestamp proving the time it was created. With Blockai, Lands is at least taking steps in that direction.

Blockai Brings Copyright Protection to Instagram, Just Add a Hashtag

Using Blockai is already very simple, but the service broke new ground yesterday when they debuted Instagram integration. Its actually a rebrand of the company formerly known as Blockai, and the purpose remains the same: using the Bitcoin blockchain to protect photographers copyrights. The company has also raised an additional 950,000, according. In America, if you want to win money in a lawsuit, you still need to register with the Government.

Blockai uses the blockchain to help artists protect their intellectual

The ideal future system is one where there is a universal database for claiming ownership of creations and for paying royalties, Lands added. Such a standard is needed given the fact that in the.S., to file a copyright infringement lawsuit it is necessary to register a new copyright with the.S. Join CCN's crypto community for.99 per month, click here.

Blockai protects your copyright using the blockchain - TNW

Now, all it takes to claim copyrights on your Instagram photos is a hashtag. However, registration is required if you want to sue someone for infringement. But, there is a whole lot that you can do to protect your copyright without having to go to court. Binded also works to search the Web on your behalf to automatically find copyright infringements of your photos, and the company is working on making it easy for users to register official copyrights with the.S.

Bitcoin Blockchain Copyright Startup Blockai Raises 950,000 amid

Binded just launched this week. Blockai, a San Francisco, Calif.-based technology company, has developed a copyright service that uses the bitcoin blockchain to allow artists to protect their creative work, has rebranded itself as Binded and has shifted its focus from technology to creating legally binding records.

Blockai is now Binded GitHub

While the Internet has unleashed a wealth of opportunities for creative work, protecting content has posed a big challenge, especially for independent producers of digital art, literature and even computer software. Now, all you have to do is link your Instagram account to your Blockai account, and any new photos posted to IG can be automatically registered on the blockchain by simply adding the hashtag #blockai.