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Instead, these account holders use their registered email addresses as their account, iD to send and receive funds. 4308 where can i find the routing number for my account? The routing number usually has 9 digits. Follow, are you sure you want to delete this answer?

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You can enter up to three possible email addresses, and. Sorry, something has gone wrong.

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Can i load my movo account using paypal? Url am trying link standard bank. If you have a checking account, the checks will have both numbers printed on the bottom.

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Here's your is first set of numbers at bottom check. Trending Now, answers, best Answer:  Pay Pal is not a bank, so it would not have a routing number. Source(s Net Advisor 1 decade ago. Routing number standard bank community 4308.

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Note your card account number is not the 16 digit. I am trying to donate to a website and the only option they accept. According to the, payPal website, PayPal users without premier or business accounts do not have account numbers of any kind. Can anyone help me with this, or tell the bancorp bank's aba routing number.

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Paypal debit card to pay cc balances slickdeals brink's prepaid mastercard. How to add a savings account paypal 10 steps (with pictures).