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The transfer should be free of charge in most accounts. (There didn't seem to be quite enough to run away with. Over the counter at your local branch. You can usually find all these details on your bank statement, or by asking your bank.

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Eg: wikileaks) and has fees, it's far easier and faster to transfer online or in the bank, as both are in the account within the day, due to FPS, and paying direct is instant! Regards, chris R, london - Former international settlements cashier for a Commodity Trader and Commercial Credit Manager. If you use the money in the meantime, you might have to pay it back. What if I just borrowed the money for a few hours, and gambled with it? Its worth contacting them to let them know.

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There is something called a bearer draft, which is not very safe, and is negotiable and can literally be handed from person to person and presented to the correspondent bank the actual bank (usually in London, Scotland, Northern Ireland or Eire) and that person without. All of the above is correct or if he/she uses internet banking then they can transfer money into your account that way. Never send cash in the post. The best thing to do, the best answer to whether anyone can deposit into your savings account is that it depends on your individual banking institution.

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If you pay cash into your account its available for you to spend on the same day, as long as you pay it in on a weekday before the cut-off time your bank specifies, for example.30pm. Salary, benefits and other payments are usually paid into your account automatically, usually under a system called: bacs (Bankers Automated Clearing Services. I  Googled the woman, and found several people with her name, but decided that I couldn't contact them. Most banks internationally work on the same principal for cleaing banks. Remember to add an extra day when there is a bank holiday.

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There was something hypnotic about the sight of my usual domestic debits splashing on the surface of that enormous balance. Because it is pre-paid, the money is cleared funds for the recipient, and will received good value on the day or presentation,.e. This can be done by wired funds transfer which is an electronic system held by all banks Commercial or Retail, and connect up automatically. I'd like to tell her about the interesting week I had with her money.

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Later, I rang the, uK Payments Council, which oversees the payments system, in search of answers. Or might this all be some ingenious scam? For example, TD Bank will allow someone else to deposit your paycheck into your account but points out that the bank doesn't recommend sharing your account information with anyone.