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9 days passed with no follow. The system then checks your ITC profile.

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MTN do take longer although when I applied, I faxed my app to the store and the same afternoon my phone was ready for collection. Reply With"  12:40 PM #4, i applied for a contract on a Monday, they guy said by Friday i should be approved an i'll get my phone. Originally Posted by, nothxkbi, i am Zod, supreme general of the planet Colon. Reply With"  12:39 PM #3 the lady said the system is still showing 'pending' - so maybe its was something fishy that it picked up, but why make the customer wait 6 days without letting him know whats wrong. Get the latest updates on MTN events.

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I can confirm this. Listing 3423 deals, filter by Price, filter by Models. Called and was told my order number doesn't exist and the consultant said it's best to call to do the application. How stunning is that!

How long does it take to approve a new MTN contract

In that case your docs needs to be uploaded on the system to the New Business dept. Reply With"  01:15 PM #6, i applied online. Subscribe to our daily newsletter. Reply to Thread  11:45 AM #1, how long does it take to approve a new MTN contract. Skip to main content, exit, welcome!

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I thought i might aswell just take. Turn around time for a decision is 24 working hours, but often the result is known in a hour or two depending on the. Reply With"  04:49 PM #8, originally Posted by alexjay, i applied online. Tomorrow will be 7 days and its still not approvd. Thank goodness I can cancel next month.

New contract approved on sms then rejected

Three times is enemy action Reply With"  11:01 AM #13 I guess it all depends on the person helping you at the MTN/Voda shop. Next, exit, quick and easy access to the recharge page. No 1 followed.