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Hay cien centmetros en un metro. It doesn't look to me like you're doing much. I like eating as much as drinking.

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According to law (in agreement with law) de acuerdo a la ley El procedimiento no se realiz de acuerdo a la ley y por tanto el juicio se declar nulo. HD, tiffany Tatum is eager to get a good fuck, as soon as.12:55. You must make sure that this door is closed before you leave.

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Address sth to sb (consign, entrust) consignar a vtr prep The cargo was addressed to the freight forwarder. Her brother, who I've known for twenty years, was at my wedding.

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Manchester United gan el partido, cuatro a dos. Aussi que (comparaison : autant que). I'll come provided Paul isn't there.

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La carga fue consignada al agente de cargas. Naughty blonde girl is holding her legs spread wide and.10:00. Los nios se formaron en funcin de su estatura, del ms bajo al ms alto. Conjugate verbs in tens of languages. Traductions supplmentaires que littraire (pourquoi) why, how Que ne vous a-t-il prvenu!

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Avoir bon espoir que subjonctif (tre optimiste quant qch) have high hopes indicative, have high hopes that indicative J'ai bon espoir que les ouvriers finissent les travaux avant l'automne. Sophie is taller than.

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Avoir la nette impression que (tre quasiment persuad que) be under the clear impression, be under the clear impression that have the clear impression, have the clear impression that avoir le sentiment que (penser que, sentir que) have a feeling, have a feeling that have. According to (in the opinion of) ( alguien ) segn de acuerdo con Segn Ricardo, es demasiado tarde para ir al partido.