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At the exchange rate on the day of conversion. They disabled all password login without a reset since the fear the info may of been compromised.

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There are fees and these may depend on the user and the transaction. It seems FBI have been tracking him for over last few months and once he got surfaced in Greece for his holiday, he was arrested by Greek authorities authorities.

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Now his extradition proceedings are underway and he can be max upto 2 months under arrest under current Greek laws until his extradition proceedings are finalized. Many people buy and sell virtual currency to make money, in the same way that others do with forex. WEX is an example of a platform that can be used to do this.

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Will MT4 and pamm be available in future? But the first message came in yesterday: And one of the comments stated of a possible ddos: But still 13 hours back their only update was: And there have been no updates since then.

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WEX works with Bitcoins and other virtual currencies as well as real money as a deposit collector. Shutting down FBI Seizes BTC-E Wallets, 13:49 in Moscow time, the sites and m ceased to function after 7 minutes on the official twitter channel was published the message on carrying out unplanned work. Gox Vinnik Superseding Indictment Redacted for.S.

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The options at the moment for depositing and withdrawing real currency and virtual currency are Visa, Mastercard, Bank Wire from EU or US banks, m, m, m, m and m, which means that there are plenty of options to choose from. It is planned that in the future tokens will be redeemed for money and cryptocurrencies. Further transactions will be conducted by this company under its financial license.