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Thus the largest non-McNugget number. Click here for a list of tokens, search Tips: Search, x11 to view all coins using the X11 algorithm. In all these options we will be checking whether that selection has made the change which is required. For example, if you had two types of coins valued at 4 cents and 6 cents, the GCD would equal 2, and there would be no way to combine any number of such coins to produce a sum which was an odd number. Rest of the cases: For every coin we have an option to include it in solution or exclude.

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In rugby sevens, although all four types of scores are permitted, attempts at penalty goals are rare and drop goals almost unknown. "Faster algorithms for Frobenius numbers".

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"Refined upper bounds for the linear Diophantine problem of Frobenius". On the other hand, whenever the GCD equals 1, the set of integers that cannot be expressed as a conical combination of a 1, a 2, a n is bounded according to Schur's theorem, and therefore the Frobenius number exists. In countries where the 9-piece size is replaced with the 10-piece size, there is no largest non-McNugget number, as any odd number cannot be made. Ong, Darren.; Ponomarenko, Vadim (2008).

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Aces, x13, acoin, acoin SHA-256 AdCoin ACC Scrypt Advanced Internet Blocks AIB Scrypt Adzcoin ADZ X11 Aeon aeon Cryptonight AgrolifeCoin aglc SHA-256 Akuya Coin AKY SHA-256 Allion ALL Scrypt AllSafe asafe2 X11 AlpaCoin APC SHA-256 alqo alqo Quark AltCommunity Coin altcom SkunkHash AmberCoin amber X13. The coin problem (also referred to as the, frobenius coin problem or, frobenius problem, after the mathematician. Examples edit McNugget numbers edit One special case of the coin problem is sometimes also referred to as the McNugget numbers. DBG PoS Digital Credits dgcs PoW / PoS / PoB Digital Money Bits DMB X11 Digital Rupees DRS Scrypt Digitalcoin DGC Multiple DigitalNote XDN Cryptonight DigitalPrice DP X11 Dimecoin dime Quark Dinastycoin DCY Cryptonight DNotes note Scrypt Dogecoin doge Scrypt Dollar Online dollar X11 Dollarcoin.

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We can do better by applying Dynamic programming. This largest integer is called the Frobenius number of the set a 1, a 2, a n, and is usually denoted by g ( a 1, a 2, a n ). Wah, Anita; Picciotto, Henri (1994). Exclude the coin : solution for the same amount without considering that coin.