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Once you're sure all this information is correct (double check you've inputted the correct wallet address! 10 You'll be asked to confirm your purchase. Special offer:  if you buy at least 100 dollars of Bitcoin, you will receive 10 dollars of Bitcoin free. . Coinbase, the exchange almost everyone starts out with is Coinbase. .

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Copy this, and open up your Coinbase account. Once you have the bitcoins you can use a crypto exchange like Binance(review) to convert your bitcoins to iota in about 10 minutes.

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12 Every exchange that lets your buy cryptocurrencies for cash require you to verify your identification before doing. Coinbase, unfortunately, right now, there is no easy way to buy iota with a credit card anywhere in the world.

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6, now we'll purchase the popular cryptocurrency Ethereum, so that we can exchange it for iota (if you already own Ethereum you can skip ahead ). Coinbase, coinbase is a very trustworthy exchange, and is hands down the most simple way to buy Bitcoin (BTC Ethereum (ETH and Litecoin. 9 Using a credit/debit card on Coinbase means higher fees but offers instant purchasing. 10 Once your security has been set up, you'll be taken to your account dashboard. Your Orders You can use this area to see your order history, open orders, and trade history.

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Well be covering Market Orders in this tutorial (again, this is a guide to buy as fast easy as possible). Once your order has filled, it will be shown in your available iota balance. Enter it and press 'Submit'. If not the case for you, the Binance support docs are your friend .

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You will be sent an email to confirm the withdrawal. Choose the method you prefer and follow the instructions to deposit your money. Click the link to Login. For example within Coinbase, this is where you would enter. What about when you're ready to sell your iota?

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Enter your email and a strong password (that you won't forget!). It is your own responsibility to double check that clicked links look correct in your browser bar, and that any wallet you install on your computer is from a legitimate source.