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Quick Terms :. Secure the key to a safe place and confirm. Skip to main content, download access, name.

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So with your dollars buy Bitcoin(BTC Ethereum( Eth Lite Coins. Sending and Receiving Siacoins from Siacoin Wallet. The important noting in this exchange is that it does not offers the trading in fiat currency, rather follow the regime of trading the other coins against the bitcoins.

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How does Sia provide privacy and security to your files? Lets get the details! Run the Siacoin program called Sia_UI.

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Use the address displayed in your wallet to receive Siacoins. Your wallet is now ready to receive and send Siacoin. Example:- Confirmed Balance: 100. M is subject to closure at any time.

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No wallet data is stored. Phone, we use cookies to deliver the best possible web experience.

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Download the latest version of the Siacoin wallet. Exe from within the folder you extracted.

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Can I directly buy Siacoins with Fiat money or through my credit card No, currently you need to buy some base cryptocurrency like bitcoin/ethereum/litecoin and convert it into    Siacoin and convert into Siacoin through one of the exchanges explained above. M is not responsible for any lost or stolen data and or coins.