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(IMS)India Coin (india)Indicoin (indi)Indorse Token (IND)Infinitecoin (IFC)Infinity Economics (XIN)InflationCoin (iflt)Influence Chain (INC)Influxcoin (infx)Ink (INK)Ink Protocol (XNK)Innova (INN)InPay (inpay)INS Ecosystem (INS)InsaneCoin (insn)Insights Network (instar)InsurChain (insur)InsurePal (IPL)Intelligent Inves. Possible values are "light "dark". The widget displays the current price on few trade pairs from HitBTC, current ask and bid and 24 hour value.

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First #fcfcfc; border: 1px solid #ccc. Show mcap/Volume Ticker Symbol? (IHT)imbrex (REX)Impact (IMX)ImpulseCoin (imps)IncaKoin (NKA)Incent (incnt)indaHash (IDH)Independent Money. (PCS)PACcoin (PAC)Pakcoin (PAK)Pandacoin (PND)Paragon (PRG)ParallelCoin (DUO)Pareto Network (pareto)ParkByte (PKB)Parkgene (gene)Particl (part)Pascal Coin (pasc)Pascal Lite (pasl)Patientory (ptoy)Patron (PAT)PayCoin (XPY)PayCon (CON)Payfair (PFR)Paymon (pmnt)Paypex (payx)PayPie (PPP)pchain (PAI)Peculium (PCL)PeepCoin (PCN)Peercoin (PPC)Peerguess (guess)Peerplays (PPY)Penta (PNT)Pepe Cash (pepecash)Pesetacoin (PTC)PetroDollar (XPD)Phantasma (soul)Phantomx (PNX)PHI Token (PHI)Philosopher Stones (PHS)Phoenixcoin (PXC)Phore (PHR)Photon (PHO)piecoin (PIE)Piggycoin (piggy)PikcioChain. The code is: div id"gobtc-widget-chart" data-lang"en" /div script type"text/javascript" List of options: Background-color: Any color or none if you want no background (not recommended if your website background is dark).

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Style: Anything you want in CSS. Secondary Display Currency, none USD BTC, show Primary Ticker Symbol?

Bitcoin, ETH and Zcash price widget, chart widget, news widget and

(bitcf)FirstBlood (1ST)FirstCoin (frst)Fitrova (FRV)Flash (flash)Flaxscript (flax)FLiK (flik)Flixxo (flixx)FlorinCoin (FLO)FlutterCoin (FLT)Fluz Fluz (fluz)FlypMe (FYP)FoldingCoin (fldc)force (FOR)Fortuna (fota)Francs (FRN)Freicoin (FRC)Freyrchain (frec)Friendz (FDZ)FujiCoin (FJC)Fujinto (NTO)funcoin (func)FundRequest (FND)FundYourselfNow (FYN)FunFair (FUN)Fusion (FSN)FuturoCoin (FTO)FuturXe (FXE)FuzeX (FXT)FuzzBalls (fuzz)Galactrum (ORE)Gambit (GAM)m (GTC)GameChain System (GCS)GameCredits (game)GameUnits (units)Gapcoin (GAP)Garlicoin (grlc)Gas (GAS)Gatcoin (GAT)gbcgoldCoin (GBC)GCN Coin (GCN)GeertCoin. (TSE)TE-food (TFD)TEKcoin (TEK)Telcoin (TEL)Tellurion (tell)TenX (PAY)Terracoin (TRC)TerraNova (TER)TeslaCoilCoin (tesla)TeslaCoin (TES)Tether (usdt)Tezos (Pre-Launch) (XTZ)The Abyss (abyss)The ChampCoin (TCC)The Cypherfunks (funk)thekey (TKY)Theresa May Coin (MAY)Theta Token (theta)Tidex Token (TDX)Tierion (TNT)Ties. (ITT)IntenseCoin (itns)Internet Node Token (INT)Internet of People (IOP)Internet of Things (XOT)Internxt (inxt)Interstellar Hold.

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Market Cap: Cryptocurrency 0x (ZRX)0xBitcoin (0xBTC)1World (1WO)2give (2give)300 Token (300)42-coin (42)808Coin (808)8Bit (8BIT)Abjcoin (ABJ)AC3 (AC3)Accelerator Network (ACC)ACChain (ACC)Ace (ACE)Aces (aces)Achain (ACT)Acoin (acoin)Acute Angle Cloud (AAC)adbank (ADB)AdCoin (ACC)AdEx (ADX)AdHive (ADH)Aditus (ADI)AdShares (adst)adToken (ADT)Advanced Internet. (DTR)DynamicCoin (DMC)E-coin (ECN)E-Dinar Coin (EDR)e-Gulden (EFL)EA Coin (EAG)EagleCoin (eagle)Earth Token (earth)ebch (ebch)eBitcoin (ebtc)Ebittree Coin (EBT)eBoost (ebst)ECC (ECC)EchoLink (EKO)Ecobit (ecob)EcoCoin (ECO)Edgeless (EDG)edrcoin (edrc)educare (EKT)Education Ecosystem (ledu)EduCoin (EDU) (EFX)EggCoin (EGG)Eidoo (EDO)Einsteinium (EMC2)ejoy (ejoy)Elastic (XEL)Elastos (ELA)Elcoin (EL)Electra (ECA)ia (elec)Electroneum (ETN)Electronic PK Chain (EPC)Elementrem (ELE)Elite (1337)Elixir (elix)Ellaism (ella)eltcoin (eltcoin)Elysium. Languages available: English (en) French (fr) German (de) Italian (it) Spanish (es) data-cur: 3 character code. (AVH)Animecoin (ANI)Anoncoin (ANC)Antimatter (antx)Apex (CPX)Aphelion (APH)apis (apis)AppCoins (appc)APR Coin (APR)APX (APX)AquariusCoin (arco)Aragon (ANT)ARbit (ARB)Arbitracoin (ATC)ArbitrageCT (arct)Arcblock (ABT)Ardor (ardr)Argentum (ARG)Argus (argus)Aricoin (ARI)Ark (ARK)ArtByte (ABY)Artex Coin (ATX)Asch (XAS)Aseancoin (ASN)AsiaCoin (AC)Asiadigicoin (adcn)Aston (ATX)Astro (astro)atbcoin (ATB)atlant (ATL)atmchain (ATM)atmcoin (atmc)Atmos (atmos)ATN (ATN)Atomic Coin (atom)Auctus (AUC)AudioCoin (ADC)Augur (REP)Aurora DAO (aura)Auroracoin (AUR)AurumCoin. Code for each widget type is shown at right.