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 (I say, why mess up perfect gas? You must also pass an exam that consists of three parts: Principles Practices of Interior Design, Contract Documents Administration, and Schematics Design Development (each part may be taken at different times if you wish). See oil test SAE: "Abrasive engine wear can be substantially reduced with an increase in filter single pass efficiency.

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Never pressure wash any engine like this, or get water down those spark wells, and might cause the COP to short and burn. Rounding Estimates of changes shown on the front cover and used in the commentary have been calculated using unrounded estimates, and may be different from, but are more accurate than, movement obtained from the rounded estimates.  (not oil) In this case, the Naphtha is the base vehicle to deploy the additive easy. But as mentioned earlier, freshman designers usually aren't quite sure exactly how long a job will take, so it this might not be the best route for you when you start out.

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Guide is clear here. Sure nothing is better for this enigne, than hot, strong blue-White Spark at all spark plugs and fresh engine oil.

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Access: The FSM clearly states, for 4wheel drive, page 25 page 26, to remove the front propeller (drive) shaft to get the pan off. (or less) (lacking all service history) Best is : Do it at 50k miles,  just we always did for over 60 years.

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"J" spark plugs (1J) Data: Open Hood, in the USA, look up, see that EPA sticker there? . (jokers they are) Here are the 3 GM bottles. H25 COP Whole:  Mitsubishi , E21 same on 99-05 Vitara.