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Facts: People with disabilities have lives like other people's. One powerful way to counteract misconceptions and stereotypes is to read books with your children that have positive and nuanced portrayals of often-stereotyped individuals. Millennials Are Bored, dont believe all of the assumptions made about the millennial generation.

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Most are self-sufficient, with time and talent to offer others. If we are stereotyped, it can undermine our belief in ourselves. Children who spend time with grandparents or other older adults have more positive views of aging and the life cycle.

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Pick Your Scavenger Hunt Estimated Event Date. Here weve busted some of the team building myths that keep companies from reaching their potential.

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Some might imagine swinging from great heights or hiking a mountain as the only way to bond with teammates, but thats simply not the case. "Each and every team was engaged, and the feedback was outstanding we accomplished everything as planned, and much more!" - Janine Moreno, JP Morgan Chase Join 10,000 teams who are passionate about Strayboots.

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Mention examples that defy stereotypes, such as the San Antonio Spurs recent hiring of a woman assistant coach. Here are a few of those damaging (and erroneous) assumptions - with tips on how to provide children with a counter narrative.