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IMC looks to partner with exceptional management teams and is focused on being a long-term owner of a family of companies. . It is just as useful to think about what happens when companies find themselves outside of the. Working capital is dynamic and it is not necessary to calculate a precise number down to the last dollar to arrive at a general conclusion.

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My current thought is that in an inflationary environment the Capital-Light Compounder is the preference because the lack of physical assets enables revenues to increase without the corresponding need for heavy capital expenditures at inflated rates. As John outlined in a recent post ( link a simple formula for estimating the rate of increase in intrinsic value is: This makes sense, if a company keeps 50 of earnings and reinvests that capital at a 20 rate, over time that should add. The names, images and logos identifying moat Manufacture, moat Manufacture Ltd and/or Marek Jankowski or third parties and their products and services are subject to copyright, design rights and trademarks of moat Manufacture, moat Manufacture Ltd and/or Marek Jankowski and/or third parties.

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Amazon is a little harder to classify thats kind of entailed in the name. Reinvestment Moat: This is the rare company that has all of the benefits of a Legacy Moat along with ample opportunities to deploy incremental capital at high rates within the current business. On the opposite side of the map are phone carriers in a post-iPhone world: carriers have strong network effects, both in terms of service as well as in the allocation of fixed costs. This is a powerful concept for a growing company, as the customers are essentially financing the growth through pre-payments. Best of all the interest rate on this financing is 0, pretty tough to beat.

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One option would be to allocate the excess capital into mergers and acquisitions in an effort to grow earnings power. Legacy Moat Returning Capital: These businesses have an entrenched position within current markets that enable strong and consistent profitability relative to the prior invested capital. You also agree not to adapt, alter or create a derivative work from any content. The Supplier Differentiation Spectrum, consider the six companies I mentioned above: Facebook, Google, Amazon, Netflix, Apple, and Microsoft.

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