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Discover nearby Status users to exchange goods and services. We hate spam, and we respect your privacy. The Owner, the owner is normally the creator of the network. Status Hardware Wallet In November 2017, Status introduced the Status Hardwallet.

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It opens the door to mass adoption of Ethereum dapps by targeting the fastest growing computer segment in the world smartphone users. Open Bounties In November 2017, the team also announced its launch of Status Open Bounty. Any SNT holder can make a decision proposal on the network. After bringing users into the network, they focus on extracting value from users.

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The bulk of the employees are engineers focused on the core development of the platform and as well the creation of decentralized applications. Similar to how Twitter recognizes verified accounts with badges, Status will give its users the ability to receive a badge that indicates the account is trustable. Status employs the Ethereum technologies on an open source mobile client using Android iOS.

Status The Mobile Ethereum Client

A: Status aims to provide a window into a universe of decentralized applications. Wiki hosts a great deal of information about what you can do with Status and what. Coinrail, bTC.00001010, gopax, kRW.0000, bTC.00001500, uSDT.05200000, eTH.00012220. The User, users are those who use social networks to connect with friends or to share their own special interests. For the next five months, SNT performed poorly as its average price stuttered in the.03.04 range.

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Create and control your creative content, and share it with the world. Reimagining the social network, Status has uniquely given its users the power to decide how its platform will be governed and further developed. BTC.00000880, gatecoin, bTC.00000917, eTH.00038000 HitBTC BTC.00000880 ETH.00012300 usdt.05230000 idex ETH.00012699 Koinex INR.55000 Kucoin BTC.00000875 ETH.00012200 Liqui ETH.00012266 usdt.05120309 BTC.00000880 Livecoin BTC.00000875 USD.05509000 ETH.00011756 OKEx BTC.00000882 usdt.05180000 ETH. Decentralized Application Directory Since the creation of Ethereum, the number of decentralized apps available on its network has recently skyrocketed. Hire or work for cryptocurrency with no fees.