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Why, mSYS2 and not just install QT from the official website? (The "Internal Terminal" option will only work if you have Cygwin installed.) Press F11 on your keyboard to build the project.

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Optionally you can install the 32-bit packages if you have installed the MinGW-w32 packages. See also Building-Qt-5-from-Git Buildint static Qt on Windows Building static applications How to build a static Qt version for Windows with GCC Building-Qt-Package Building-Qt-Creator-from-Git Compiling-ICU-with-MinGW Compiling-OpenSSL-with-MinGW msys2 Qt_shadow_builds Using Shadow Builds- Windows CE px : How to: Embed a Manifest Inside a C/C Application. Windows, first of all you'll need to install msys2. It can also obtain various directly usable tools language support compilers, like: perl, python, ruby, openssl, etc.

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Extra-stuff Build some 3rdparty apps (poppler, cmake) with dependencies Notes: Do not use (or try to avoid using) different type of toolchains for building different sub-components for the same/main project, when targeted for same platform/OS. Std:thread support in experimental package targetting Win64/Personal zero-overhead exceptions (no sjlj exceptions) rubenvb: 32-bit GCC dw2 builds provided, and GCC.8 prerelease is 64-bit seh. Msys2 "msys2 t/projects/msys2/ : msys2 (Minimal SYStem 2) is an independent rewrite of msys, a (command-line) shell for development usage, and based on modern Cygwin (posix compatibility layer) and MinGW-w64 (from "MinGW-builds with the aim of better interoperability with native Windows software.

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Additional Information Retrieved from " ". Close the shell and open a new one to update the remaining packages : pacman -noconfirm -Su, you are now ready to install openFrameworks. See er/41724 Calling FreeLibrary to unload a dll that links to both dynamic libgcc_s_dw2 and a library that links to static libgcc_s_dw2 results in a crash GCC Threading model (posix vs win32) Mingw-Builds (and the experimental rubenvb packages) also let you choose between the threading. Org website, but we can install the msys2's 64-bit Qt 5 package.

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Starting with.0.1 there are also binary installers that ship a Mingw-w64 based toolchain pre-built Qt libraries. If after restarting the computer you keep having issues with Qt Creator or just compiling you can check that they are set correctly and if not set them manually following the next steps: On msys2, openFrameworks needs the dlls that are provided by msys2 package.

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Msys ( http www. I didn't tried yet). How to install a kit for your Qt Creator. Installing openFrameworks, download and unzip the qt creator / msys2 version.

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Je ne m'en passe plus. Ninja launch several make commands at same time, what decreases compilation times. More about that issue here:.