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Step, iRS 1099 forms are considered "information only" forms. 15: Form 1099-B, form 1099-S, form 1099-misc if one of these is true: Substitute payments are reported in Box. It might be eligible for a lower tax rate.

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A 1099-C falls under the 1099 tax form series of information returns for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). At the time the seller/borrower obtained the loan to purchase or refinance the property, the loan proceeds were not included in taxable income because the borrower had an obligation to repay the lender.

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Step, like other tax forms, 1099 forms can also be ordered by phone. Its important to understand what a 1099-C is and what to do about it to ensure you are filing your taxes correctly. Report it as the sales price on your Form 8949.

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Not many know what a 1099-C is or why they receive. If they do, however, you can file Form 982 and claim an exclusion because the debt was included in bankruptcy. Box 2: Royalties Income you receive for: The right to your work over a specified period of time Extracting natural resources from your property Report this income on Schedule C or Schedule. But these forms can be a little scary because theyre tax documentsand no one wants to mess up their taxes.

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You should receive most 1099s by Feb. Whatever the case, if you've lost your 1099 tax form, you can obtain a new one or find the necessary income information through another source. Consult with a tax professional to assist you in reporting this income. To summarize, any sale or transfer of property, whether voluntary or involuntary, must be reported to the IRS. Youll have to file.