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Is traditional currency about to get the bitcoin treatment? Each has its own risks as both desktop and mobile access are susceptible to hackers, a hard drive crash, or a lost mobile device.

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Despite the interest in projects such as bitcoin, many people keep cryptocurrencies at arms length because of sheer technical complexity. What is a Bitcoin and what is the difference between normal currency and a Bitcoin? References: Blockchain Wikipedia, bitcoin Wikipedia, bitcoin Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The question is are you taking advantage of the new gold rush? Surprisingly similar, in many ways Bitcoin is similar to traditional currencies it is recognized (though not as widely as major fiat currencies) and has a value ; also it could be used to buy things, and its valuation changes according to market variables.

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Bitcoin is based on same fundamental characteristics of currency, or anything of worth for that matter. Bitcoin exactly happens to be a token issued from the Bitcoin Blockchain, nothing more nothing less. So you own bitcoin, and you want to turn it into cash?

How Is Bitcoin Different From The Dollar?

There are, of course, several key differences between purchasing bitcoin and traditional banking. Storing money in bitcoins is structurally an investment. Fiat currencies are set by government policy. The currency itself can also change, typically through inflation which causes the value of each dollar in the account to erode.

How Does Bitcoin Differ from Traditional Money?

It's this flaw that some believe led to the collapse of bitcoin exchange MtGox last year. Bitcoin is decentralized and deregulated, while offering (pseudo) anonymity and increased transaction transparency.

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But the two are markedly different and should not be conflated. Because each transaction is public to everyone, the process becomes transparent and no longer reliant on individual institutions. How Is Bitcoin Different From The Dollar? Some media reports have confused Bitcoin with more popular electronic money (e-money) schemes used in many low-income countries to reach the unbanked. Bitcoin transactions are made over the internet and are public, which includes your Bitcoin addresses being known, whereas cash transactions are pretty much anonymous and do not leave behind a trail.

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It removes the middleman from the equation, including banks, merchant accounts and payment gateways. According to the risk management expert and faculty member in the Finance Department at Boston University Mark. Only the financially included can access the Bitcoin system through the necessary digital connections to the Internet.