Not the Russians: John, mcAfee talks hacking allegations

Their demonstrated interest is zero. The era of true transparency has begun, fueled by red-pilled insiders like Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning, suspected DNC leaker and suspicious murder victim. Petersburg and other places in Russia and the number four that the IP address pointed to a Russian address. In case any of you believe that Hillary lost because Russia hacked the election, internet security guru John McAfee has a few words of advice for you. He called the FBIs claims of the Kremlin hacking the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and.

John McAfee shuts down manipulative FBI claims

RT America, he said any number of agencies could have been behind any interference. McAfee specifically pointed to the following key arguments in the Grizzly Steppe report: Russian language was found in the malware which would make them borderline retarded.

John, mcAfee : Russia, did Not, hack, the DNC - Your News Wire

As a nation, we arent just going to go from un-refuted emails involving pay-to-play, #SpiritCooking, and, zero Point Energy to uS Officials declined to describe the intelligence obtained, or how they obtained. Seth Rich (as well as, craig Murray ) - whose efforts to expose high level malfeasance were delivered via safe channels such as Wikileaks and Glenn Greenwald. . He even goes as far as to call the iPhone the ultimate spy device. In fact, the majority of IP addresses listed in the report were traced all over the world outside of Russia. The hack on the DNC used a piece of malware a year and a half old and there have been many updates since then, McAfee said.

John, mcAfee: The Most Deceptive Propaganda, to Date Was

The, joint, analysis Report from the FBI contains an appendix that lists hundreds of IP addresses that were supposedly used by Russian civilian and military intelligence services. Oliver Stone gets. "Donald Trump wants the DOJ to head a national task force of law enforcement agencies to create our cybersecurity he says.

Russian hacking allegations

Cybersecurity legend McAfee is one of the modern computer tech pioneers and the developer of the first commercial antivirus program, who has been in the business for the past 50 years. With all the stories that VT has run on mini-nukes, we have not had a single call from anyone of standing wanting to learn more. As a response to various controversial cases stemming from manipulation of data banks and financial institutions are increasingly testing Blockchain technology to process transactions securely. Dean heres lookin at ya, first published    January 06, 2017.

The Federalist: John McAfee on Hacking: It s NOT Russia!

According to the Joint Analysis Report released by the FBI, the group of cyber criminals that allegedly hacked the DNC used various locations apart from Russia to breach the DNCs servers. McAfee isnt shilling for Trump either, as evidenced by an appearance.

Propaganda intended to incite Americans : John, mcAfee

Latest posts by Baxter Dmitry ( see all ). Crazy, but brilliant, John said if it looks like the Russians did it, then I can guarantee you it was not the Russians.