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Request examples Get all the mining equipment: m/api/data/miningequipment/ TopPairs Success examples "Response "Success "Data "exchange "cccagg "fromSymbol "BTC "toSymbol "JPY "volume24h 240839., "volume24hTo.420456, "exchange "cccagg "fromSymbol "BTC "toSymbol "USD "volume24h 182276., "volume24hTo.82616633, "exchange "cccagg "fromSymbol "BTC "toSymbol "CNY "volume24h 55163., "volume24hTo.7016374, "exchange "cccagg "fromSymbol "BTC. Contact support for additional information. Disclaimer: Not all country choices listed at this reference URL are supported. Other fee Customer trading fee. Request post t/api/v2/withdrawal/cancel/API v2 Request parameters key API key.

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Parameters stated in the list (.) are required for this call. For PST you would pass -8 for example.

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Transactions Each transaction in dictionary is represented as a list of tid, usd, price, fee, btc, datetime and type (0 - deposit; 1 - withdrawal; 2 - market trade). A short code example on how to generate a signature can be seen here: Python import hmac import hashlib message nonce customer_id api_key signature w( API_secret, msgmessage, a256 ).hexdigest.upper Authentication errors API key not found Check your API key value IP address not allowed This. "Type 100, "Aggregated false, "Data "time.0, "open.00384, "high.00384, "low.00381, "close.00381, "volumefrom 4161.39031358, "volumeto.88741374,., "FirstValueInArray true, "TimeTo, "TimeFrom Error examples "Response Error "Message Additional supply depots required. Request GET t/api/order_book/ Returns data for the BTC/USD currency pair.

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Transactions Request GET t/api/transactions/ Returns data for the BTC/USD currency pair. Currency_pair (if all currency pairs) Currency Pair.

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Comment (Optional) Withdrawal comment. Type less than 100 will mean there was an error. It must be greater than last nonce used Invalid signature Posted signature doesn't match with ours Authentication failed Can't find customer with selected API key Missing key, signature and nonce parameters Parameters were not posted in API request Your account is frozen Contact support. The Ripple network is down. Data Array of objects yes Empty if there is no mining equipment or there is an error.

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GET t/api/ticker returns data for the BTC/USD currency pair. Subscription items have the format of Example: socket. The old endpoints are still available and have not changed.