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Valid values corresponding to the label prefix examples above would be: issuerExample, issuerProvider1, and issuerBig20Corporation. At the bottom of your screen two options will show up, "Scan barcode" and "Manual entry.". It contains an account name, which is a URI-encoded string, optionally prefixed by an issuer string identifying the provider or service managing that account.

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Image: mashable (Remember, If you stay logged in, you won't need to go through the 2-FA process during each login. Currently, the period parameter is ignored by the Google Authenticator implementations. Secret keys may be encoded in QR codes as a URI with the following format: examples, provision a totp key for user, to use with a service provided by Example, Inc: this Base32 encoded key "jbswy3dpehpk3PXP" has the value: byte key 'H 'e 'l 'l. Nothing is "obvious" and intuitive.

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SMS-based 2FA has a known security flaw, and any devoted hacker can attempt to socially engineer an attack against your phone company. The Google Authenticator app eliminates the possibility of an SMS-based attack using algorithms to generate the codes on your phone. Permission notice: Camera: Needed to add accounts using QR codes. This secret key will be used for all future logins to the site.

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Each Google Account needs a different secret key. I even googled on how to find it and couldn't find the answers. I couldn't find.

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Several third party implementations are available. If that gets added Ill change my rating. When using the app as your method of authentication code delivery, you may wonder what happens when you want to retire an old phone for a new one. Visit m/2step to get started. A simple edit to the account name is all I ask for.

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The Authenticator can also generate codes for third-party applications, such as password managers or file hosting services. ByteCrawler, a lot of reviews seem to be centered on phone transfers. Their "material" UI design looks nice superficially but is in fact very poor UX - It's just all labyrinthine. Most web services that offer two-step verification give you the option to receive a text message or use a special app that provides the six-digit code you need to log in to your account. You are stuck with the name the barcode gives you and if that account is AWS then its extra difficult.