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NEM project bounties program which included a, nEM. Blockchain Explorer includes the following modules: Block - view all blocks by paging and transactions which are included in the block, transaction - view all the transactions by paging. Js on your machine, install NPM, install NIS, run it and wait for all blocks to be loaded and synced. I am a part of the.

NEM - BlockChain, explorer

I wish bitinfocharts had. Requirements before starting to build the project include: Install Node. Npm start Visit http 8081 The (Node. BlockChain Explorer in Java a few months ago. Linux: /Home/your-username/ nem /nis/data mac: /Users/your-username/ nem /nis/data windows: Usersyour-username nem nisdata, how to delete old Blockchain: Read more.

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Account - view rich list and harvested list. OR git clone m/nemchina/ nem _ explorer _java Locate the project folder and install the needed dependencies npm install Add your config into the file (app/config/config. Search - you can search by block height, transaction hash, or account address. Neither shows the balance in approximate dollar amount. Compiled: -04:00:32, source: NRS.6.95-beta, filesize: 520.02MB.

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The project is built on Node. Install MongoDB and run it (it's better to set an account and password).

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I have used the NIS API for a while before this project as a Nemster; the NIS API Document is pretty nice and the API is quite easy to use. Is there an explorer that shows the dollar value like the Nano wallet does?