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One shot stuns and causes great pain, two shots kill, three shots disintegrate. Kor mak A pair of bracelets used by Cronos to transport high value prisoners. Priem ta shree, tal ma Our love does not end in death ( RPG : " Roleplaying Game Tal pat ryn Falling star ( SG1 : " The Ultimate Visual Guide Tal shak!

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Zat'nik'tel / zatn'kitel / zat'n'ktel / zat'nik'katel A small arms weapon which releases a type of electrical charge, used by Goa'uld and Jaffa. Also, compare the Goa'uld expression: ".

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Citizen Joe - Civilian Joe Spencer greets Teal'c with "shal'kek nem'ron" upon meeting him at Stargate Command. A Jaffa reporting a fast moving ship (Asgard) bearing down on their location according to radar (3.06 "Point of View Lo'a'sac Part of Daniel's coded information to the base trying to coordinate an attack by both the rebel forces and the SGC (8.05 "Icon Lor. Likely "Surrender or die" or "Put Down your weapons" (See also kree shak, shak'na kree, shel kree, shel norak, tal bet, and tel ko nak) kree lok'nel No direct translation. Kree hol mel, goa'uld "Time to choose who will become the children of the gods." shak'na kree Likely an order to surrender or die (See also kree lo tak, kree shak, shel kree, shel norak, tal bet, and tel ko nak) shal What/ which shal.

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From The Stargate Omnipedia, goa'uld term for "I will die free." The phrase seems to be a variant expression identical in meaning to " dal shakka mel." It is used by the. Through direct question and answers, it can detect when someone is being untruthful, even if the person is not consciously lying. The element is also found within a Goa'uld's bloodstream. Ya duru arik kek onac which means "I honor he who would kill his god." with the Unas expression: ". Shal taishal taishal tai What Shau'nac says to comfort her symbiote and get it back in its pouch (shal tai has been translated as "not yet" from context and similar expressions used elsewhere relating to time) (4.04 "Crossroads Tal shak anfar, tel nor mokan n'ral.

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Krel tak remoc No direct translation. One million shesh'ta is a large reward amount. Thus, it can detect those who have underwent the zatarc conditioning, as well as act as a foolproof lie detector.